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Techno-Terrors Series: An investigation into Horror and Technology in film, Blumhouse.com, September 2016–present.
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"Spaces of Death: A Starter Kit for Dying-Digital," Cvlt Nation
"Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz: A Review," Digital America

"Animal Holocaust: Human After All." Cvlt Nation
"Performing Digital Demons: #CharlieCharlieChallenge & Our Divine Mirrors," Cvlt Nation
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THE BOOK OF CANNIBALS, or, HOW TO CONSUME, Sybil Press, 2015. 2nd edition of 50, hand-pressed.
"Let's Play: The Shining, A Game Review," Digital America
"Working On My Review: A Review of Arcangel's Working On My Novel," Digital America
"The Haunting of the Pink Floyd Sound: A Review of THE ENDLESS RIVER," Digital America

THE BOOK OF CANNIBALS, or, HOW TO CONSUME, Sybil Press, 2014. 1st edition of 25, hand-pressed.
"Ello: A Review,Digital America
"DEATH: an excerpt from THE BOOK OF CANNIBALS," Digital America
"DRONE: an excerpt from HE BOOK OF CANNIBALS," Digital America
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"Video Vanitas: The MTV Music Video Awards, 2013, an essay post-twerk."

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